Learning and Developing Together for Achievement

Welcome to the New Rush Hall School website.

New Rush Hall is an outstanding school (Ofsted December 2016, December 2012 and January 2008).  We are a High Performing Specialist School, with specialisms in working with children and young people experiencing significant social, emotional, behavioural and/or mental health difficulties (SEMH), and in Applied Learning.  We offer education, support and guidance to children aged 5 to 16 years old who have experienced difficulties in their mainstream school. We offer full-time placements to both primary and secondary pupils, and some pupils maintain a link with their mainstream school.

Our main task is to do what all good schools do, which is to engage children and adults in the exciting business of learning and teaching. We are a special school and, for me, the aspect that is special is the time we take to think about behaviour, trying to understand what it is communicating to us and planning how to change it in the best interests of children. This is our area of experience and expertise.

The behaviour of many children causes concern at some stage of their schooling. In spite of this, everyone has a right to achieve and every parent, carer and family has the right to expect that school will do its very best for their child.  When a child comes to this school, we see it as an opportunity, not a punishment. Our hope is that we can work in partnership with parents, carers and other agencies to help children manage themselves differently, in a way that will serve them better for life.

Although all children referred here have had difficulties in the past, we still expect everyone to behave reasonably and safely. A big part of our philosophy is that children can and must learn to take responsibility for their behaviour and its consequences. This means putting things right when they go wrong and having another chance, a fresh start. We do not believe that we can help children by allowing them to behave in an unsafe or unacceptable manner without regard to other people. We use moments of conflict as learning opportunities for growth.

Self-discipline is a skill which can be learned through practice so we operate within a structure in which everybody is clear about the rules, expectations and consequences. We have high expectations of all members of the community, children, staff and parents. We want the very best for all children and will strive to achieve it.

Jeanette Maynard

Head of School