Working and learning together for Achievement


New Rush Hall School Curriculum Statement

At New Rush Hall School our curriculum is child-centred and our curricular aim is two-fold. We need to help young people understand and regulate their feelings and manage their behaviour in ways that will enable them to be happier and more successful in their lives. Secondly we want to enable them to re-engage with learning and acquire skills and qualifications which will serve them well in school, post-school and as modern, global citizens.

In designing our curriculum we have taken account of a wide range of factors.  All of our pupils present challenging behaviour and/or experience significant emotional or social difficulties. All have also been unsuccessful in mainstream education.

The curriculum centres on key academic subjects including English, Maths, Science, ICT, Humanities subjects, as well as PE, Food Technology and Spanish, which is the only modern foreign language on offer and is taught across the school from KS2 to KS4. In addition Secondary pupils are timetabled for Horticulture, Performance and Employability Skills. Primary pupils have Music, Horticulture, Horse riding and swimming.

Primary pupils take KS2 SATS in Year 6.

Secondary pupils do courses which lead to a range of qualifications including GCSE, BTEC, Functional Skills, Entry Level Certificate, ASDAN and Sports Leaders Award.

We provide a comprehensive programme of individual support which includes additional literacy and numeracy 1:1 support and mentoring support for Looked After Children. We also implement programmes designed by the Speech and Language Service.

As part of our rigorous pupil progress tracking system we continue to use some adaptations to National Curriculum levels which take account of the new curriculum and are also developing ways of recording pupils’ skills, knowledge and progress in a way that is straight-forward for pupils, parents and staff to understand. We are working with other schools in the Challenge Partnership to develop new models of academic assessment. Additionally we use the Muntham House Outcomes wheel to track behavioural, emotional and social progress, as well as detailed in-house systems to monitor behavioural progress.