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Admission Arrangements/Commissioners

Admission to the school for a full-time place is via referral from the mainstream school to the Special Educational Needs Panel, in the case of Redbridge schools; other local authorities should submit consultations via the Redbridge SEN Team.  Places are offered subject to suitability and availability.

It is vital that the parents feel they can support the ethos of the school and that this is discussed at an Admission Interview, which involves the parent/carers, the pupil and the school.

If it is the view of the school that the pupil’s needs cannot be met at NRHS, the Head of School relays this information back to the Redbridge Special Educational Needs Team, with an explanation.

Parents are entitled to refuse the place at NRHS following an Admission Interview.

The Intake Process:    

LA  requests a place.

Referral logged in weekly Referral/Allocations update

If the school has no places, Head of School (HoS) to write to SEN Team with explanation.

If the school has a place, Head of School (HoS) considers the needs of the child as described in the EHC Paln.  If the school believe they can meet the childs needs then The school asks Redbridge to confirm if they wish to allocate a place at NRHS to the pupil.

If Yes:

•   LA is asked to complete funding agreement form

•   LA to advise parents of the decision


•   HoS to contact Parents/Carers to invite them for an Admission Meeting

•   Proposed admission date agreed

•   School to make arrangements for ending/transition

•   All placements begin with a two-week induction period


If No:  

 • HoS to write to LA with explanation


 Admission Meeting

HoS to explain what the school can offer, show child and parents/carers around, and ascertain if all parties are agreeing to change

If Yes, Parents/Carers to complete Admission Forms before leaving and start date agreed

If No, Parent/Carers and child given time to consider and then contact the school.

HOS to inform  LA in either case.

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