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Fundraising – A Tiny Award for Big Achievements

Posted: January 9, 2018

‘A ‘Tiny’ Award for a Big Achievement’

In March 2018 the school was saddened by the sudden passing of ‘Tiny’.

Tiny was the much loved passenger escort of two KS3 pupils; he had shown them a great deal of care and compassion during their daily journeys to and from NRHS and was a very recognisable character about school.

In recognition of Tiny’s love of his job – and the high regard he had for his charges – Tiny’s family have very kindly created a fundraising site in his memory.

Tiny had an extraordinary quality whereby he made the people around him feel safe. At the request of his family the school will use these funds to award students for their efforts in being safe, keeping others safe and promoting physical and emotional safety.

Safety, in all aspects, is a fundamental value of our work at NRHS and we are thankful to Tiny and his family for their generosity that will allow us to reward the efforts and achievements of our students in a more tangible way.

To find out more or to make a donation please follow the link below.