Working and learning together for Achievement


The aim of the Primary Department is to support the needs of children aged 7 to 11 years who have significant social, emotional, behavioural and/or mental health difficulties ( SEMH)  and who unable to manage or be successful in a mainstream school. Some pupils may have attendant learning difficulties or gaps in their attainment.

Children attend full-time and we endeavour to provide a mainstream experience to suit the needs of each child as and when they are ready.  Some children return to mainstream school whilst others transfer into the Secondary Department, which shares the same ethos and approach.

Our school provides an educational and social setting designed to promote achievement, enhance self-esteem, independence and the skills for lifelong learning as well as addressing learning difficulties by providing personalised additional support in Maths and Literacy.

Learning is tailored to individual needs and, where appropriate, children participate at the end of Key Stage 2 in Standard Assessment Tests (SATs). Children’s educational progress is recorded in a termly report and in an end of year report booklet to Parents and Carers. Progress is also reviewed annually in line with statutory requirements and six months later in an interim review. Children’s behavioural, emotional and social progress is recorded and measured using the Muntham House Outcomes Wheel.

As well as experiencing an enriched and well-balanced National Curriculum, children go horseriding and swimming on a termly basis and have weekly cookery and horticulture lessons. In addition, a wide range of school visit experiences is offered to support the curriculum and widen children’s horizons.

We focus on the social and emotional aspects of learning – SEAL.  Every class has a SEAL board displaying the SEAL values and each pupils individual SEAL star chart.  Pupils are awarded SEAL stars by adults in the department.  Adults are specific about what the pupil has done to receive the SEAL star referring to the values.  When a pupil has at least three stars on each of the five SEAL areas they receive a certificate in assembly.

School reward trips are also offered as an incentive for children making progress in personal targets. Children receive daily points for meeting their targets, and these are turned into credit to spend fortnightly in the school shop. In addition, children have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and make appropriate reparation. The school has a comprehensive policy to support behavioural change with clear expectations, rewards and sanctions.

Children wear the school uniform, which consists of grey or black school trousers or skirt, a white shirt or polo top and a blue New Rush Hall sweater.

The Primary day starts at 9.15am and finishes at 3.00pm. Pupils take home a daily report.

The Primary Department works closely with other agencies which includes the Educational Psychology Service, Education Welfare Officer, School Health, Social Care and Speech and Language therapists.