Working and learning together for Achievement


In addition to the National Curriculum the timetable is organised to enable all children to have one term of swimming each academic year.  As a result, they often achieve certificates and definitely improve their swimming skills.

Each class has two half-terms of horse riding at Chigwell  Riding Stables, where they learn the basic skills of horse riding and how to take care of a horse. Over time children often relax, improve their posture and become more confident.

The children have a weekly lesson in the Food Technology room, making food related to their curriculum or special times of the year. All classes are timetabled for Horticulture, when they also spend time outside in the allotment, often digging, planting, tidying up and growing things. Most importantly they learn to work together and to take care of their environment.

Each class has breakfast together every day, an integral part of their social skills development. At the end of each half term the Department has a shared breakfast, often involving music, special foods and an extended time together. Children and staff in the Early Years Department also join in this breakfast experience.

Reward Visits are an additional extra. Each term we organise between 2 and 4 visits to places of interest, as a reward for children meeting their academic and behavioural targets.

The Primary department owns a set of bicycles and some of their PE lessons are bike-riding lessons. Children in Years 5 and 6 also have the opportunity to have cycle proficiency lessons, which they have to pass to obtain their certificates.

We are always striving to enhance our curriculum offer  to enable the children to experience wider opportunities which help them to develop emotionally and  socially.