Working and learning together for Achievement

Phonics Programme

The New Rush Hall Phonics Programme

The New Rush Hall School uses a variety of approaches to teach pupils to read and spell. Initially pupils are introduced to a systematic approach to phonics where words are segmented into individual phonemes or letter sounds and blended to make whole words. At the same time, high frequency words are taught as whole words. Subsequently words with similar spelling patterns can be grouped and introduced together.

The target words are included in writing and reading activities at the sentence and text level.

All Primary pupils have regular access to Lexia Reading, which is a technology-based reading programme that increases reading and spelling proficiency for all students. Across the school, some pupils also have one-to-one additional literacy sessions with trained adults who will support their progress through a structured systematic phonics programme, which is broken into small steps and is proven to be effective. The school employs a specialist literacy teacher who oversees assessments and individual programmes for all children, as appropriate.