Learning and Developing Together for Achievement

Phonics Programme and Reading

At New Rush Hall (NRHS) we use a variety of approaches to teach children to read and write. A blend of Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds has been used to give children the phonetic knowledge to read and write. We have created a sequenced and structured phonics curriculum to embed this. Due to the nature of our provision children are assessed when they start at New Rush Hall School (NRHS) , and given a bespoke phonics programme to close gaps and progress.
A phonics lesson at NRHS follows this structure;
– Revise sounds with flash cards, using my turn, your turn
– Introduction to a specific sound
– Identifying words with this sound
– Segmenting and blending these words using my turn, your turn
– Practise forming the letters in the words
– Discussion of any rules associated with the sound
– Segmenting and blending alien and real words with the sound
– Game to embed the sound, e.g phonics bingo
As children progress through the phonics programme, we then practise applying words with specific sounds into sentences. For some children, we use colourful semantics to support this.
To ensure we manifest a love of reading at NRHS, adults read to children daily, and hear children read daily, which is recorded in the children’ reading records. Teachers teach comprehension skills through guided and shared reading, this includes a weekly comprehension lesson. Throughout the school, stories are used to build reading and writing skills, bringing the stories to life.
In accordance to guidance within a child’s EHCP and gaps assessed at school, children attend one-to-one additional literacy sessions with specialist intervention teachers.