Learning and Developing Together for Achievement


The aim of the Secondary Department is to support the needs of pupils aged 11 to 16 years who have behavioural, emotional, social and/or mental health (SEMH) difficulties and who unable to manage or be successful in a mainstream school. Some pupils may have attendant learning difficulties or gaps in their attainment.

The Secondary Department can provide for 40 pupils in classes of no more than 8 pupils, each with a Teacher and Learning Support Assistant. Classes are organised both by year groups and to meet the emotional, social and learning needs of young people. Pupils attend full-time and we endeavour to provide a mainstream experience to suit the needs of individual pupils as and when they are ready.  A few children return to mainstream school whilst others complete their education at NRHS.

The Secondary Department provides an educational and social setting designed to promote achievement, enhance self-esteem, encourage independence and develop the skills for lifelong learning. We offer the full range of the National Curriculum as well as addressing learning difficulties by providing personalised additional support in Literacy and Numeracy (ALS).

We offer courses that provide a range of accreditation, including  seven GCSEs, as well as Entry Level and Functional Skills examinations.  We also offer a BTEC course in Food Technology and a Sports Leaders Award.

Parents/carers of secondary pupils receive a weekly report on their child’s attendance and behavioural progress. Educational progress is recorded in a termly report and in a comprehensive end-of-year report. Progress is also reviewed annually in a Statutory Review which also looks at each pupil’s  EHCP and recommends changes as appropriate.

Pupils in the Secondary Department experience an enriched and well-balanced National Curriculum and additionally they take part in team-building experiences and cultural enrichment activities. Throughout the year pupils experience a wide range of school visits  to support the curriculum and widen their horizons.

The school has a comprehensive policy to support behavioural change, with clear expectations, rewards and sanctions. Each Secondary pupil has a daily card which records their efforts in lessons and during break and lunch times. The colour of the card is determined by the number of points a pupil has earned the previous day and indicates particular privileges. The school’s Behaviour Management Policy explains this in more detail.

Pupils wear the school uniform, which consists of grey or black school trousers or skirt with grey polo shirt and blue sweatshirt (Key Stage 3) or grey sweatshirt (Key Stage 4).

The Secondary day starts at 8.30am with breakfast and finishes at 2.15pm (Key Stage 3) and 2.45pm (Key Stage 4).

Pupils who do not wish to have breakfast are provided for in a separate room where they can chat, read or play games.

The Secondary Department works closely with other agencies, which includes the Educational Psychology Service, Education Welfare Officer, School Health, Social Care, Speech and Language therapists and the Community Police team.