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Welcome to the New Rush Hall School Allotment. Here you can follow the staff and pupils on their journey to produce organic fruit and vegetables through the growing seasons. We are proud to be an organic allotment, not using artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides (lots of hard work but worth it) so that our produce can be used for cookery lessons and in the school kitchen. Have a look at our year so far and visit regularly to see our progress. Get inspired and eat organic!


March 2020

Spring has sprung on the allotment and we have a host of golden daffodils to cheer us up (we need it after the stormy start to the year).

The pond has burst its banks and the allotment beds are flooded!

Fingers crossed the garlic and onions still make it  and don’t rot off in the waterlogged soil.

We have been sowing a few more onions…. just in case!

The Poly tunnel is in full propagation mode with new seedlings popping up everyday. We have already got lots of tomatoes potted up and are pricking out onions and leeks as we speak.


It’s the end of the growing year here on the allotment. We have had a great year with some amazing successes (an abundance of courgettes, runner beans salad crops strawberries and apples to name a few!) and some equally amazing failures, all our pumpkins failed! We raised a fabulous £650.00 to buy our new table for the wildlife garden from selling boxes of organic veg grown on the allotment and from cake and book sales, so a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that contributed. We have planted out our garlic (it needs a cold spell to do well) and we are looking forward and planning for a productive new year. Oh, and we have welcomed some new arrivals, the New Rush Hall School Chickens, Lily, Poppy and Arianna, laying organic free range eggs!

Some of our harvest, lots of apples, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Carrots, Leeks and Turnips

Our fab new table made from recycled plastic bottles!

Getting ready to plant out cabbages

Bed of rainbow chard

Aubergine in poly tunnel

Salad crops

New arrivals, Lily, Poppy and Arianna.

First free range organic egg laid on arrival day 12th November 2019.


We have had some visitors!

A cheeky red fox

Slug Control Frog

Breakfast is served!